Christine Seitz

Duluth's historic NorShor Theatre is boarded up and barricaded - and the Duluth Playhouse couldn't be happier.

After years of changing hands, neglect, abandonment and a lot of wrangling to put together financing, the work to renovate and restore the 1912 vaudeville house has begun.

More information about the NorShor Theatre - past, present and future - can be found here and on their Facebook page.

Christine Seitz of the Duluth Playhouse on the adventure that is tech rehearsal.

Sam Howzit/Flickr

Christine Seitz of the Duluth Playhouse with a fascinating look at the theatrical magic that makes actors fly.


Christine Seitz of the Duluth Playhouse talks about the theater's interesting approach to auditions in a smallish town: where even though there are a lot of actors, there are also a lot of shows.

We catch up with Christine Seitz, executive director of the Duluth Playhouse, in the midst of giving a tour of Duluth's historic NorShore Theater.  We get to come along and hear about the plans for the renovation to its "former grandeur" and a source of community pride.