Citizens in Action Workshop

©Lisa Johnson

The theme for this year's Citizens in Action workshop is "Passion, Participation, Persistence."

Duluth League of Women Voters member Rosie Loeffler-Kemp says it's particularly apt.

What can we do locally with our reactions to what's happening nationally?

Loeffler-Kemp says, start by attending the workshop.


At the 2016 Annual Citizens in Action Workshop, Lisa Johnson - KUMD Northland Morning host was recognized and honored for her years of work raising awareness on a range of community, state, and national issues through her interviews and reporting.

Finding a cause you're passionate about isn't the problem - figuring out how to get your message across and how to enact change: that's the problem.

The solution is the League of Women Voters annual Citizens in Action Workshop.

This year, local environmental activist John Doberstein is one of the speakers and he previews a secret weapon in the arsenal of anyone who's trying to get the ear of someone else: the perfectly crafted elevator speech.