Duluth Photography Institute

Saturday, March 2nd, from 5-8 p.m., the Duluth Photography Institute teams up with John Heino Photography for the Capture Duluth Exhibit, which features twenty different photographers. Radio Gallery talks with John Heino about the changing world of photography, and how events like this are beneficial for anyone who appreciates the beauty of nature.

Radio Gallery 2-27-2013: John Heino

Maija Jenson and Cloey Walsh

Duluth Photography Institute's Gallery

Listen to our interview with The Duluth Photography Institute. The Institute is having its grand re-opening February 4th starting at 5pm.

Radio Gallery 02-01-12 Duluth Photography Institute

The Duluth Photography Institute is having its grand re-opening on February 4th starting at 5pm. Later that evening, entertainment will begin at 8pm and refreshments will be served. The gallery will be full of images and this event is open to the public so go see some great art and bring your friends!

Brian Rauvola is the owner of the Duluth Photography Institute located at 405 E Superior St, Suite 140, which is between Fitgers and the Sheraton. Rauvola speaks with Radio Gallery about the DPI, and his immersion into photography as a professional field.

Radio Gallery 12-15-2010: Brian Rauvola

Host: Maija Morton Producer: Liz Pedersen