Housing Access

Central Hillside
Jacob Norlund // Flickr.com

Plenty of construction is happening in Duluth and a lot of it is new housing. But with BlueStone taking up much of the market, are there options for people looking for lower cost options? Jeff Corey, the executive director of One Roof Community Housing in Duluth spoke with us about housing options throughout Duluth.

One Roof Community Housing

We talk with Jackie Kemp, the Education and Counseling Director at One Roof Community Housing. The organization will now take on the work that was once done through the Housing Access Center. One Roof's program, called The Tenant Landlord Connection (TLC), will be a place for renters and landlords to resolve disputes and access resources.

Deb Holman/CHUM Street Outreach Advocate

St. Louis County's ten-year-plan to end homelessness is in either year ten or eight ... depending on how you count the process that began in 2005 or the completed plan that was adopted in 2007.  Can we end homelessness in St. Louis County within two years?

The 3rd Annual Housing for All Community Summit took a hard look at that question last week.