Joel Sipress

©John Krumm

John Doberstein says he cringes when the conversation becomes "What's better?  Good mining jobs or tourism jobs paying minimum wage?"

In fact, the Duluth for Clean Water organizer has gone on the record more than once saying he rejects the ideas that it's "jobs v. the environment" or "the Iron Range v. the Cities."

Doberstein isn't afraid of tough conversations - he just wants them to start - and focus on - what brings people together, and one of those things, he believes, are good-paying jobs that allow people to live, work and raise families in the Northland.

It's actually a pretty cool idea: you open up a room in your home - or maybe an entire house as a vacation rental, get the appropriate inspections and licenses, and you're in business as part of the hospitality industry here in Duluth.

But what happens if the house next door becomes a party pad for a revolving door of guests - and there's no landlord in sight? 

The Duluth City Council is waaaay ahead of you.