Lake Superior Writers

Given the choice between a cash prize for their annual contest and a chance to get published, the Lake Superior Writers voted back in 2016 to get published.

The result is one of the best possible souvenirs of the Northland: a book about the lake by people who live near it and love it.

©lisa johnson/Thorsburg Photography

How do I love thee, Lake Superior?

Let me count the ways.

You only get 6500 words to tell your (short) story in the Lake Superior Writers 2016 Fiction Writing Contest, but your reward could be a chance to sit on a bench on the boardwalk, reading your own piece in a fiction anthology tentatively titled Going Coastal!

Writing, like many other creative pursuits, isn't likely to make you rich.  In fact, you'd be lucky if you could buy the odd sack of groceries now and then.

So what happened when Lake Superior Writers, a loosely-knit group of 200 or so ranging from professional to wanna-be writers, offered as the prize for the 2016 Fiction Writing Contest something they thought writers wanted more than money - or even groceries?  Turned out they were right.

Women's Words on April 26, 2015 featured Dianna Hunter of Duluth reading from her story, "The Dead Cow and the Great Man" which received an award for creative nonfiction by Lake Superior Writers in 2014.

Women's Words on February 8, 2015 featured Terri Falsani reading her poems "Understanding Eve" and "Higher Latitude".

2/08 Women's Words: Terri Falsani

Funding for Women's Words is provided by The Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Women's Words on September 7, 2014, featured Terry Falsani of Duluth, reading her poem, "Olympia." Here is an audio link to her reading.

Terry Falsani, born and raised in Portland, Maine, has lived in Duluth, Minnesota since l973. A mother of two, she enjoyed second and third careers as creative director at Fochs and Associates Advertising and teaching English literature.

Women's Words on Sunday, June 1, 2014 featured Gail Trowbridge reading an excerpt from her novel-in-progress titled The Secret of Sandhill Cranes.

6/1 Women's Words: Gail Trowbridge

Women's Words on January 5, 2014 was an encore airing of an episode from February 10, 2013 featuring Duluthian Jill Hinners reading two poems, "Forgive Me" and "Waiting for the Northern Lights."

1/5 Women's Words: Jill Hinners

Women's Words on Sunday, November 17, features an encore airing from September 16, 2012 of a short story by Duluth writer Gail Trowbridge, "Cardboard Castle."

Women's Words on November 10, 2013 featured Susan Perala-Dewey reading four poems: "Occupy 2011: Superior Bay," "Temperance 2020," "Osmosis 2050," and "Winter Morning."

11/10 Women's Words: Susan Perala-Dewey

Women's Words on March 17, 2013 featured Ruth Schmidt-Baeumler reading five short poems: "Big Red," "Catch and Release," "Stop and Listen," "Shirts," and "Without Walls."

Women's Words: March 17, 2013: Ruth Schmidt-Baeumler

Women's Words on February 24, 2013 featured Christine Madeline Holm, reading two poems, "The Last Black Eye" and "Ursa Major."

Women's Words, February 24, 2013: Christine Madeline Holm

Women's Words on February 10, 2013 featured Jill Hinners of Duluth reading two poems, "Forgive Me" and "Waiting for the Northern Lights."

Women's Words: February 10, 2013: Jill Hinners

Women's Words on January 6, 2013 featured Jill Hinners of Duluth reading two poems, "Interrupted" and "Outliving."

Women's Words: January 6, 2013: Jill Hinners

Women's Words on Sunday, September 30 featured Gail Trowbridge, a writer from Duluth, reading her short story "Cardboard Castle."

Gail Trowbridge has published articles, short stories and essays in magazines, journals and newspapers in Minnesota and Wisconsin. She received third prize in Lake Superior Writers 2010 contest for her short story "Good Christian Charity," and second prize in Minnesota Literature's 2007 Essay Contest for "The Linotype." In 2011, she received a McKnight-ARAC Career Development Grant. Gail is a board member of Lake Superior Writers.