Lyric Opera of the North

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More than half a quarter-century after its triumphant debut, Colder By the Lake and the Lyric Opera of the North revive Les Uncomfortables,  starring some of the original cast members (who have aged well)  and some brand new faces.

Original music by Tyler Kaiser and libretto by Margie Preus and Jean Sramek.

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Set designer Ann Gumpper on the challenges of set design, particularly for opera.

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Opera singer Sarah Lawrence of LOON (Lyric Opera of the North) takes us on a tour of the science, superstition and opera lore surrounding singing while sick.

Lyric Opera of the North

  We talk with Ben Ellison, a UWS student majoring in Music Education, who is also a chorus member of LOON (Lyric Opera of the North).  How did he get involved in opera?  What differentiates choir singing from opera chorus singing?   How does one train a voice for this distinct style?  Is age a factor? Also, what's happening at LOON this fall?

The Guthrie Theater

You won't find Sarah Lawrence at the lake this summer.

One of two artistic directors for LOON (Lyric Opera of the North), Sarah is performing in a run of "The Music Man" at the Guthrie Theater.

An opera singer?  Doing musical theater?  Sarah says it's not snobbery that makes many sopranos and tenors eschew musicals - it's the grueling schedule and a completely different way of singing.

Lisa Johnson

Sarah Lawrence of LOON (Lyric Opera of the North) drops by to talk about divas and divos (there are very few of either around here), about community support for the arts in the Northland and why she's never afraid to ask for money to support a quality product.