The internet age means almost anyone can be a genealogist  but memoirist Cathy LaForge Tonkin says stories are more than names and dates.

Stories, she says, keep people who are gone close to you and at the same time, illuminate why you are the way you are.

Author Elliot Foster on the challenge of making the ubiquitous Minnesota "cabin" experience both recognizable ... and unique.

It wasn't until he'd had years of telling stories about his childhood and being met with laughter and disbelief that Gary Barfknecht began to suspect his upbringing on the Iron Range wasn't typical of Minnesota kids who grew up elsewhere. 

  Women's Words on March 29, 2015 featured Amy Waugh of Duluth reading an excerpt from her book Remnants of the Disappeared, titled "Somewhere in Colorado."

Women's Words on January 20, 2013 featured Meredith Cornett of Duluth reading an excerpt from her memoir, Heart of Palms.

Women's Words: January 20, 2013: Meredith Cornett