Carla Hamilton joins Radio Gallery to talk about her new exhibit "Durch Wasser Rennen" opening at Washington Gallery, with a reception this Friday, .June 13th 6-9pm.

6/11 Radio Gallery: Carla Hamilton

A new exhibit "Origin of Birds" opens this Friday April 11 at Pr?ve Gallery, in Duluth 7-11pm. Kathy Mctavish joins Radio Gallery to talk about her multimedia extravaganza.

4/9 Radio Gallery: Kathy Mctavish

Carla Hamilton joins us on Radio Gallery this week in order to discuss her show titled "Euphoric Recall" on display at Washington Gallery through July 28th.

Radio Gallery 07-17-2013: Carla Hamilton

This week on Radio Gallery, we feature Andy Messerschmidt, who has recently made a splash at The 59th Arrowhead Regional Biennial at the Duluth Art Institute. Listen as Messerschmidt discusses his intricate and futuristic multi-media piece which won first place at this timeless event.

Radio Gallery 1-30-2013: Andy Messerschmidt

Maija Jenson and Cloey Walsh

This fall Radio Gallery is in the field speaking with Minnesota artists in their own spaces, at shows, galleries and in their own studios. Lynn Speaker will be joining us this week from her studio in the Grain Belt Bottling House in Northeast Minneapolis.

Radio Gallery 10-24-2012 Lynn Speaker

Produced by: Maija Jenson