Women's Words on November 25, 2012 featured Sheila Packa, a former Duluth poet laureate, who read three poems, "Vermillion Trail, " "Not Forgotten," and "Fox, No Longer Hidden."

Women's Words: November 25, 2012: Sheila Packa

Sheila Packa writes about northern Minnesota. She was Duluth's Poet Laureate 2010-2012, and she teaches writing at Lake Superior College. See her website and blog about poetry process at www.sheilapacka.com

Women's Words on November 18, 2012 again featured Amy Jo Swing of Duluth, this time reading a chapter called "Lollypop, Lollypop" from her middle grade novel-in-progress called Mo the Mouse and the Train of Words.

Women's Words: November 18, 2012: Amy Jo Swing

Women's Words on November 11, 2012 featured Amy Jo Swing of Duluth, reading three poems: "Coloring the Monsters," "Crossing It Off," and "Wordage."

Women's Words: November 11, 2012: Amy Jo Swing

Womens Words on October 28 featured Terry Falsani of Duluth, reading three poems, Onerous Words, Halloween, and Closure.

Women's Words: October 28, 2012: Terry Falsani

Women's Words on Sunday October 7 featured P.A. Pashibin, reading to us three poems, "Fall Plantings," "Last Ant, Under Glass," and "Beauty."

Women's Words: October 7, 2012: P.A. Pashibin

Women's Words on Sunday, September 23 featured Dr. Linda LeGarde Grover, reading an excerpt of her manuscript The Road Back to Sweetgrass, a work that received the 2008 Native Writers Circle of the Americas First Book Award.

Women's Words on Sunday September 16 featured Liz Minette, a poet from Esko (and also a featured announcer of our own Women's Music program on KUMD!). She reads two of her poems, "thistle" and "Four Crows." Funding for Women's Words is provided by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Women's Words, September 16, 2012: Liz Minette

- thistle

- Four Crows

Sheila Packa, the Poet Laureate of Duluth, is a 1981 graduate of UMD. She will give her first reading as the 2010-2012 Duluth Poet Laureate on Sunday, Oct. 3 at 3 p.m in the Weber Music Hall with Kathy McTavish accompanying Packa's reading on Cello.

Radio Gallery 09-29-2010: Sheila Packa

Brenda Paro is a writer and photographer who is presenting her new work in an exhibit called "Subtle Cargoes" at Washington Gallery. It opens Friday July 9th from 6 to 8 p.m and shows Saturday and Sunday from 1:00 to 5:00 pm through July 25th. Brenda speaks with Radio Gallery about the journey she traveled that inspired her to create art that combined her photography and poetry using different printing techniques and materials.

Radio Gallery 07-7-2010: Brenda Paro