Rachel Loeffler Kemp


Rachel Loeffler-Kemp joins us this morning to talk about Women's History Month, being named after one of the guiding lights of the women's suffrage movement, and her take as a second-generation member of the League of Women Voters.

More information about the League of Women Voters Duluth can be found here.

Lead exposure  in children and pregnant women can cause serious health problems.  And even though lead paint was outlawed in 1978,  Duluth has old housing stock where most of the homes were built before that. Rachel Loeffler-Kemp -- Duluth League of Women Voters member and Program Coordinator with the American Lung Association, and she says there's an event coming up next week that should put parents' minds at ease.

Free Lead Testing Event Information:

When: Wednesday - April 29, 2015

Where: Myers-Wilkins Elementary School


Two weeks from today, community members will descend on Bayfront Park to celebrate Earth Day.  Rachel Loeffler-Kemp tells us more about the April 22 event.

For more information or to volunteer, you can sign up here.