Superior Hiking Trail

©Becky Mathiowetz. Used with permission.

The Superior Hiking Trail Association and the City of Duluth are partnering to create a new section of trail:  a loop at Ely's Peak, soon to be the third of the "Triple Crown of Superior Hiking Trail Loops" in Duluth. 

Do we appreciate that we have a National Scenic Trail running right through our city?

Or should "Minnesota Brag-gy" become a thing?

Author and outdoorsman Andrew Slade joins us to talk about places you can hike - and places you can't - along the North Shore.  Even though it's cool and muddy this week, it's still a great time to get out and enjoy spring ephemerals.  Wonder what it is you're looking at?  Andrew also has a recommendation for a great Facebook page (Duluth Phenology) that may help answer all your questions about the natural world here in our little part of it.