UMD students

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Some experts figure a third of all the food produced globally for human consumption goes to waste.

Others say it's closer to 40 percent.

And unlike some kinds of "extra" food at grocery stores or restaurants, you can't repurpose the muffin you only ook a bite out of  and left on your plate.

But with a little bit of humor and a light touch, UMD's Office of Sustainability is hoping to remind students whose eyes are bigger than their stomachs that they can always go back for seconds if they need them.

UMD art students open a new exhibit at the Tweed Museum of Art on Tuesday, August 29 called "Water Isn't Free" with a reception from 4-6.p.m.  Their exhibit was inspired by their time in a study abroad class this summer which took them to incredible global exhibitions in Germany, Switzerland, to discover new cultures of art and appreciation.

Geospatial Analysis Center, UMD

How do you make the most of your potential?

One word: software.

What if you could click the mouse a time or two and find out if you had anything to gain at your house from solar energy?

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If college "move in day"  conjures images of you and your parents lugging some pillows, blankets and a stereo into your dorm room, then them waving  goodbye and driving  off, leaving you to your new life ... well,  you'd never recognize what's happening on the UMD campus this week.

Bulldog Welcome Week offers every kind of help and fun available (including lugging the TV, fridge and more upstairs) for nervous freshmen about to start a life on their own ... and their bereft parents.