Duluth City Clerk

The League of Women Voters Duluth has all kinds of information available on their website for voters today.

The non-profit, non-partisan organization has everything from a Voter Guide to maps, instructions and links to more information.

To save you some time, we've added a few here:

Voter Guide

Duluth Precinct Maps

Duluth City Clerk

Between figuring out what the candidates stand for ... and then figuring out where you're supposed to stand (in line to vote),  election time can be stressful.

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The Duluth League of Women Voters wants you to know you don't have to come up with an excuse any more if you want to vote an absentee ballot.

The change to "no excuses" absentee voting is just one Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon talked about earlier this month at the League's annual meeting.

More information can be found on the League's page and on the Secretary of State's website.


Rachel Loeffler-Kemp joins us this morning to talk about Women's History Month, being named after one of the guiding lights of the women's suffrage movement, and her take as a second-generation member of the League of Women Voters.

More information about the League of Women Voters Duluth can be found here.