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We talk with Carla Powers, Duluth Public Library Manager, about the expansion plans for the Mount Royal Branch of the Duluth Public Library.  

 Recently-vacated commercial space adjacent to the library will be used to create space for programs and special events, as well as day-to-day patron space.

© Karley Nyhus

Spring Awakening blooms this week at UMD, a raunchy rock musical based on a German play from 1891.

KUMD News Team member Jeyca Maldonado-Medina attended a rehearsal for a being-the-scenes look.

More information - and the trailer! - can be found here:

courtesy Duluth Folk School

Ah, the folk school.

A place to make and do things with your hands, learn traditional crafts and skills and, if you're lucky, take a break from your real life for a few days and emerge refreshed - and cleverer than you were when you started.

©Center City Housing

On that warm, sunny Saturday a few weeks ago, Rick Klun stopped by to visit the resident of Center City's first tiny house.

The woman, who had been homeless for ten years and living in a shelter, was entertaining her daughter, and the pair had plans to head up the shore to pick agates.

Photo courtesy Laura Lhokta

Laura Lhokta was raised on the White Earth Nation in northwestern Minnesota, and she's looking forward to going back when she completes her schooling.

Laura is a medical student at UMD who plans to go home to her tribal community after she graduates.

She talks of the family and friends she has cheering her on back home, but admits it's not that way for every kid on the reservation.

The Lake Superior Ragtime Society has had to cut back a little since its inception in 1984.

The monthly meetings had to go by the wayside and family reunions cut into their summer schedule so they only do three concerts a year now.

But there's no shortage of amazing musicians - and stories with this outfit.

From 7 year old Eddie the piano player to the 103 year old mandolin player to the kid who basically "grew up under the piano bench," everyone has a story and some music to share.

The National WWII Museum in New Orleans writes on their web page, "Approximately every three minutes a memory of World War II—its sights and sounds, its terrors and triumphs—disappears. Yielding to the inalterable process of aging, the men and women who fought and won the great conflict are now mostly in their 90s. They are dying quickly—at the rate of approximately 430 a day, according to US Veterans Administration figures."

Lego at the Library

Apr 5, 2016
Joe Miserendino/Flickr

The library's about more than books these days.  Sometimes the Duluth Public Library is about Lego.

UMD journalism student Scott Longaker explains.

The next Lego at the Library program is this afternoon (Tuesday, April 5) at 3:30 at the downtown library.  Lego at the Library is branching out, too. The library has a Lego session at the West Duluth branch this Friday.

  UMD senior Hatim Qadri believes that, as a Muslim in America, you need to look forward with positivity.

That's why he's willing to answer any questions put to him about his faith and culture, even, when he says, someone's trying to corner him.

All this week, members of the Muslim Student Association will be sponsoring events aimed at making connections between Muslim and non-Muslim students on campus, and to foster that positivity, understanding and kindness.

"I'm representing myself and ... to some people, the whole religion."  ~ Hatim Qadri

Ely Chamber of Commerce

First they told everyone Canada was planning to annex them.

For the past eight years, those wacky pranksters at the Ely Chamber of Commerce have been pulling out all the stops for their annual April Fool's joke.

What could it be this year?  (Hint: search this web post for a clue)

©Lisa Johnson

Lee Stuart says two things over and over: housing first and kids don't choose to be poor.

The executive director of CHUM  is thinking of the 80 kids and their families housed at the Steve O'Neil Apartments, families that experienced long-term homelessness before finding a home at the  permanent supportive housing complex.

Fletcher Hinds

When Fletcher Hinds returned to Minnesota in 1969 from his tour of duty in Vietnam ... no one said anything to him about his time in the service.

While many Minnesota vets didn't face the venom and protests that others around the country did, the silence was just as hard.

©Stacy Rasmus Photo used with the permission of Billy Charles and Lawrence Edmunds

The University of Minnesota is looking for nationally-recognized researchers and leaders in their field to head four teams focused on solving health issues important to Minnesota and the nation.

It plans to create four Medical Discovery teams, recruiting prominent researchers in four areas of medical discovery.

The Minnesota DNR's pilot project with same-day reservations and more self-service options was a success, so this year, all campsites in state parks will be reservable (only about 2/3 of the campsites are reservable now) and they'll be gearing up for same-day reservations all summer long.  Walk-ins, though, are still welcome!

More information can be found here. And when the DNR knows what date in May the system will go online, they'll let folks know on this web page.

Ze'ev Barkan/Flickr

It's one thing to talk about global warming in terms of pack ice and polar bears ... but what are fishing guides and resorts and tourists supposed to do when it's hot - even by the lake - and there's not enough snow to ski in December?

North Shore businesses are already looking at those questions - and solutions - with a little help from University of Minnesota researchers.

To learn more about the project and the changing face of the North Shore, click here.