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Backyard Almanac: Nearing Record Snows, but Daylight Is Increasing

The average February snowfall total in the Northland is 6 inches. Now just halfway through February 2019 we have already seen over 28 inches of snow accumulation.

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Salty Dogs

2/6 Live From Studio A: Jacob Mahon

Although he's only been in Duluth for a few years, this young singer/songwriter with a distinctive style is firmly established in the local scene. He released his debut full-length album last year, and has a new EP on the way. He and his band The Salty Dogs have a release show scheduled on February 6 at Blush in Duluth; we got a preview when they stopped by our studios for a session that afternoon. Jacob Mahon

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Helena Jacoba

Sea Grant Files: Applying Science to Policy

Communication is key! Today on the Sea Grant Files, Jillian Farkas shares her experience as a Knauss Fellow and discusses how, and why, we need to apply science to policy. How is science being used in congress? "Science is being used, just maybe not at the level that everyone wishes it would be." MN Sea Grant John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship Program

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Forever Home 2/14

Feb 14, 2019


Junior is a tan and white American Shelter Dog who is 10 months old. He came to us as a transfer from a different shelter and is now looking for his new loving home! Junior is a bouncy ball of energy who loves to run and play! Junior is a bit timid when meeting new people, but once he has a bit of time to warm up, he falls in love! He gets very attached to people, so he would love a home where his owner isn't gone too much!

Vaughn Birchler

They don't even need the waffles and hot cocoa and coffee.

You see them all year long: the intrepid few who bike to work all year around.

But Zeitgeist's Winter Bike Week is designed to encourage folks to try your commute on two wheels - and you don't even need a lot of extra gear to make it work.

More information on the Bikes & Bites Tour tomorrow evening is available here:

Lisa Johnson

We've got more snow so far this month than we usually get in all of February.  But the days are getting longer; Larry says we have ten hours of daylight now and by the end of the month, we'll have eleven.

And between the deep snow (for hiding) and more light (for romance), things are hopping out in the natural world.

KUMD's Go-to Gigs 2/8

Feb 7, 2019
Reina Del Cid
Jessica VanHusen

wild vibez on Unsplash

The good news, if you can call it that, is that many teens know they're using e-cigarettes to cope with things like anxiety, depression and stress.

The bad news, of course, is that teens are using e-cigarettes to cope with things like anxiety, depression and stress.

Last night's forum in Eveleth to talk about the links between vaping and mental health brought a lot of concerns surrounding the practice to light.

Forever Home 2/7

Feb 7, 2019


Abril is a Belgian Malinois mix who is 1 year old. She came to us as a transfer from a different shelter and is now looking for her new loving home! Abril is a gorgeous and outgoing girl who loves playing fetch and chewing on stuffed toys. This smart girl knows the commands for sit and come, and enjoys spending time with people.


Sarah Brokke

Duluth painter Sarah Brokke opens a new show called "Sacred Selves" at The Duluth Pottery this week.  In the heart of the Lincoln Park Craft District, The Duluth Pottery has emerged as an arts center, celebrating and sharing the work of two and three dimentional artists. Everyone is invited to an opening reception on Sunday Feb. 10, 4-6 p.m. 

Brokke's body of work, on display through March 31, is a continuation of her portrait painting with a nod to sacred, medatative practice. 


Dr. Josef Pesch isn't having it.

"All I heard was 'this is impossible,'" he says. "So boring."

A leader in Germany's community-focused renewable energy transition, Pesch dismisses the naysayers who thought the energy grid could only withstand 3-5% renewable energy or it would be "the end of the world."

50-100% later, Pesch says the world hasn't ended.

University of Minnesota Extension

Tomorrow's (2/5) Tweevenings program is called Out of the Shadows: Annie Traquair Lang & Helen M. Turner, and is hosted by Dr. Jennifer Web of UMD.


And the Prøve Collective is reopening after several months of extensive renovation ... you can enjoy the revitalized space and Jay Whitcomb's Demons and Angels: Moments of Clarity beginning Friday evening.



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Frozen 45
Frozen 45

The Hunt for the Frozen 45

The Hunt for the Frozen 45 begins Sunday February 17! We have hidden the golden record, will you be the one to find it? Now it is your mission to search the UMD campus, find the disc, and bring it back to the KUMD station, located in the basement at 130 Humanities. Accomplish this and become the winner of The Polar Vortex Survival Kit including a $150 gift card to UMD Stores! Tune into The Basement every night after 9pm for clues to help narrow your search, starting with Hip-Hop Hotdish on 2...

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Featured Live From Studio A

Rich Mattson and the NorthStars joins us Live on Friday, February 15 at 2pm

How to Listen Live

We're currently experiencing a technical issue with our home page streaming player. The good news is that while we work on that, you still have several options for streaming KUMD online. Not sure which one to choose? Try the MP3 stream, which works well for many computers and devices.

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KUMD Events

Beloved singer/songwriter HALEY returns to Duluth for her annual Valentine's show, this year playing an intimate acoustic show at the Glensheen Mansion. Featuring complimentary drinks and food with entry. 

The Big Wu is back to jam out Duluth in support of their first studio album since 2004 at the Red Herring Lounge. "We Are Young We Are Old" is a fresh collection that marks a new beginning for the veteran Minnesota Band. Expect to hear some of their old favorites as well. 

More KUMD Events

KUMD Live from Studio A Volume 1

KUMD is pleased to announce the release of Live from Studio A Volume 1 , a collection of 16 tracks recorded in our studios over the past several years.

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Green Visions: Community-based Renewable Energy and the Future of Energy Democracy

In a special full-length podcast, KUMD's Adam Reinhardt investigates the concept of Energy Democracy and the possibility of expanding citizen participation in energy production as the world transitions to renewables. Focusing on Germany as our key example, Adam talks with Craig Morris, author of Energy Democracy: Germany’s Energiewende to Renewables. He also talks with Anya Schoolman, Executive Director of US-based solar advocacy group Solar United Neighbors. To conclude, Dr. Josef Pesch, a...

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