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Hardy Gardeners: ask not what your garden can do for you, but what you can do for your garden

The days are getting longer, the sun is getting warmer, but we're still months away from being able to get out into the garden.

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Man playing a guitar and singing into a microphone in front of a wall of CDs on shelves
Christine Dean for KUMD

1/17 Live from Studio A: Taylor James Donskey

This Minneapolis-based songwriter and performer got his start in music as a teenager in his hometown of La Crosse, Wisconsin. He's performed in Twin Cities bands including the Lowland Lakers, and released his debut solo album, Paper Over It, in January, 2020. He joined us in the studio on January 17, 2020, to talk about the album and share some tunes. Taylor James Donskey

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©JR Kelsey. Used with permission.

Backyard Almanac: new snow coming for tracks ... and what's up with the horned lark?

Every month is like January these days. In the sense that the Roman god Janus, from whom the month takes its name, is usually shown having two heads or faces. Janus is the god of beginnings and endings, the future and the past, and transitions.

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Forever Home 1/16

Jan 16, 2020


Jammers is a delightful tabby young lady, born April 1, 2019. Jammers has lived with other cats and dogs. She is very social and loves affection.


Ranger, is a young yellow lab just about 2 years old. He is a loving, playful, happy-go-lucky little boy. He loves other dogs, tolerate cats, and loves adults. Ranger has lived with kids in the past, but doesn’t care for them much. 

Rob Levine/Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy
Rob Levine/Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy


You can worry about the planet Jupiter throwing "comets and asteroids toward Earth like a sniper," or you can worry about comets ("essentially asteroids that are heavy on the ice").

Or you can just kick back, appreciate the additional 27 minutes of daylight we've picked up since the solstice, and contemplate the "molecular and atomic filters that each block a certain range of wavelengths of light" and help us create such beautiful sunrise and sunset photographs.

MN Historical Society

Indigenous people in Minnesota - like Indigenous people in places all around the country - are rewriting the narrative these days.

They're telling their own stories. They are letting the world know that they're very much a part of contemporary life in this country. 

Isaac Erickson

Opening Reception: Metamorphose:  Annie Dugan says Sara Brokke's exhibition Metamorphose, opening Friday at the Prøve Gallery, is a "raw and vulnerable" exhibition of paintings - or as the gallery calls it, "a personal mythology." 


Brent Johns

Larry Weber's been talking about AutWin for years, but he's finally written a book about it.

Then he and Sparky Stensaas teamed up to illustrate it with lush photos of the animals, plants, birds, berries, nuts, insects and spiders you can find at that magical time of year after the leaf drop and before the first there-for-the-duration snowfall.

In other news, the first half of January has been "unimpressive," but the snow cover is great  for seeing  animal tracks.

The protagonist in Konnie Ellis's book Picnic in Venice "finds her way in the world through art."

Perhaps the same could be said of author-painter Ellis.

She's in the midst of a painting jag now, but she's still considering which of the Venice characters she might like to revisit in a future novel.

Picnic in Venice is published by Rocket Science Press.

Forever Home 1/9

Jan 9, 2020


Rose is a young adult cat about one year old. She is friendly and loving. She is comfortable around other cats (once adjusted), but seemed skittish with a dog visit. She recently gave birth and was a fantastic mother to her kittens. She is lean and very athletic.


Jenny Van Sickle

What started out as a look at the efficiency of government operations in Superior has turned into a literal referendum on city government.

RW Management was hired in June to review the operation of the city.  But when the findings were released, what caught the attention of - and polarized parts of the community - was the recommendation to make the mayor a part-time position and hire a full-time city administrator.

The Simple Plate: Duluth Coffee Company

Jan 7, 2020
DCC Logo
Duluth Coffee Company

"On this episode we meet with Sam Levar of Duluth Coffee Company. We dive into the dark roast vs light roast myth, the numerous processes that ultimately affect the flavor of your coffee, and why Lake Superior’s water makes for a such great cup. " 


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KUMD's John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon coverage starts on Wednesday, January 22 on Northland Morning. We're getting you ready for the race with a chance to win a dog sled run for two from Wolfsong Adventures in Mushing near Bayfield. Be listening the week of January 20 for your chance to enter and win!

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