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Remembering Mary Oliver: Ellie Schoenfeld reads "Dogfish"

Poet Mary Oliver wasn't "from here," but so many of us feel drawn to the work of the woman the New York Times called the "poet of the natural world."

Mary Oliver died January 17. All this week on Northland Morning, local poets will be sharing their favorite Mary Oliver poems This morning Ellie Schoenfeld reads Mary Oliver's "Dogfish."

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Man sititng on a stool playing guitar and singing into a microphone
Christine Dean for KUMD

1/7 Live From Studio A: Gordon Thorne

This Northern Minnesota country blues guitarist is known for his collaboration with Bob Bingham in Bingham and Thorne, but regularly performs solo as well. We caught up with Thorne and heard some tunes when he joined us in the studio on January 7, 2019 while he was in the midst of a regular Monday evening gig at the At Sara's Table/Chester Creek Cafe wine bar in Duluth. At Sara's Table/Chester Creek Cafe

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Ice formation on a small stream
Christine Dean for KUMD

Larry Weber talks about wind chills and more as we head into a frigid weekend.

KUMD's Go-to Gigs 1/18

Jan 17, 2019
Cap N' Seabeard
Cap N' Seabeard

Zeus Rebel Waters*
True hip hop and rap
The Red Herring Lounge
Thursday, January 17 | 9pm | $7 | 21+

Mint Vintage, Vermillion Heights, The Permanent Vacation*
Energetic garage and pop rock
Friday, January 18 | 8pm | $5

Cap N’ Seabeard, Sam Weaver
Acoustic folk and country
Beaners Central
Saturday, January 18 | $5 | all ages

Forever Home 1/17

Jan 17, 2019


Sandpiper is a brown tabby and white long haired cat who is five years old. She came to us as a stray from Duluth and is now looking for her new loving home! Sandpiper has gorgeous soft fur that you will love to pet. She purrs almost immediately when you start talking to her, and enjoys spending time with people.



The 62nd Arrowhead Regional Biennial opens next week at the Duluth Art Institute.  This is a juried exhibition, opening with a reception on Thursday, Jan. 24 from 5-7 p.m. In addition to annoucements of  the biennial prize winners and the DAI will also be celebrating it's annual member show.

Rural Renewable Energy Alliance

Rural communities worried about shrinking populations and fewer jobs.

Low-income people for whom solar energy is out of reach financially or not an option because they rent.

But what if an entire community could have a solar energy system, and folks already qualifying for energy assistance could get those benefits, too?

Could there really be an option that's good for the environment, helps lift people out of poverty and provides jobs and economic development or small communities?  Rural Renewable

©Bob King. Used with permission.

It's a moon.  It's a shadow. (Yup, now you'll have the Cat Stevens tune stuck in your head all day, too.)

But it's also 365 degrees of sunrises and sunsets, and that, friends, is pure poetry.

And, as promised, here's everything you wanted to know and more about what, where and how to watch the eclipse in our area:


A free chance for folks of all ages to do some creating this week, brought to you by the Superior Public Library ...

College is back in session this week and that's a reminder that there are new student shows up at the Tweed Museum of Art every week.

Instead of blowing through a gallery, sparing only a few seconds for each work, Annie recommends picking a piece you like, setting a timer for two minutes, and then just looking at it carefully.

Missing KC-Kristopher Clarke/Facebook

Lissa Yellowbird-Chase knows first-hand about the violence and danger Native American women face.*

But she knows other things, too.  In Canada, a 2016 report found that indigenous women are five times more likely to be victims of homicide than non-indigenous women. But in the United States, says Yellowbird-Chase, there are 1-2% more missing and murdered indigenous men than women.

Larry Weber's feeling a little blue that the lack of snowfall (plus the icy crust on the snow we do have) means crummy conditions for animal tracks.  He's still enjoying the regular seven birds who visit his feeders (plus, in Larry's case, the flock of wild turkeys), though (see photos above.)


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His 2018 album, The Tree of Forgiveness, has two songs nominated for a 2019 Grammy award in the Best American Roots Song category. Tickets are on sale now at Ticketmaster. 

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KUMD Live from Studio A Volume 1

KUMD is pleased to announce the release of Live from Studio A Volume 1 , a collection of 16 tracks recorded in our studios over the past several years.

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