Where's Art? with Annie Dugan: "the golden hour" and some "map-making nerdery"

No one asked the 19th century farmers how hard it was to harvest their crops on that day in 1888, but painting the scene apparently took an awful lot out of Vincent Van Gogh: Amazingly, most of The Harvest was completed in a single day, requiring great effort and concentration under the noonday sun. Vincent wrote to his brother Theo that after returning from the fields “my brain is so tired”. He explained: “One’s mind is extremely stretched, like an actor on the stage in a difficult role...

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Image courtesy of the Richard Henry Pratt Papers, Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library/Wikimedia

Journey to Wellness: what's not being taught in Minnesota schools

Moors and McCumber
Moors and McCumber

Virtual Live from Studio A: Moors and McCumber

Minnesota native (and Superior resident) James Moors and Kort McCumber teamed up several years ago after pursuing solo musical careers. The singer/songwriters are set to release their 8th album together, Survival , in October; we got a sneak peek when they joined us for a virtual session July 23, 2021. They perform at Enger Park Golf Course in Duluth on Saturday, July 24 and host the first annual Moors & McCumber Campout at the Historic Scott House in Carlton on July 30 and 31st.

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Minnesota Music Reviews: Kiss the Tiger

Kiss the Tiger makes “Vicious Kid” come alive By Mark Nicklawske Kiss the Tiger records sound great in a pair of headphones, but maybe the best place to hear their work is in a loud, dark bar room with hundreds of beer-soaked fans singing along to every glorious chorus. Released last month, Vicious Kid , the third full-length album from the Minneapolis rockers, is a throwback to the days when acts like the Rolling Stones and the Pretenders put out records to crash the charts, overthrow the FM...

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Carrie Chesnik/Rights of Mississippi River

It was supposed to be a chance for scientists, Indigenous organizers and leaders, and a broad swath of regional decision-makers at all levels to come together and see first-hand what the drought is doing to the lakes and rivers in northern Minnesota.

At issue is Enbridge's recent request to take almost five billion gallons of water as they work their way across the state with the Line 3 pipeline replacement project.

And with the most widespread drought areas in the state in eight years, those five billion gallons are looking more and more significant.

Then, in the middle of the tour, attendees came across a group of Enbridge employees working to clean up a frac-out - a spill of drilling fluid - in a wetland.

Lisa Johnson

As we slip into those lazy, hazy, crazy days of mid-summer, there's plenty to see whether we take a sidewalk stroll or hike in a wilderness area.

Watch for photographers: they've either got a bead on a beautiful plant, bird, animal or insect, or they're like naturalist (and our special guest host) Judy Gibbs and they're doing their part as citizen scientists and documenting the spread of invasive species in our area.

And while we know Duluth is a great place to live, why does valerian think so, too?

Cat Coore Interview on Caribbean Roots

Jul 16, 2021
Five men standing next to each other in a band photo

In anticipation of the 2021 Bayfront Reggae Festival coming up on July 17, Caribbean Roots host David Woodward spoke with Cat Coore of Third World, who will be performing. The Jamaican band is one of the longest-running reggae bands of all time, forming in 1973.  Coore shares talks about his experiences as a founding member of the band and as part of Jamaica's reggae scene and how he's seen the music evolve.

Daniel Oyinloye is a Nigerian-Born creative who moved to Minnesota in 2003. He operates DanSan Creatives where he is a producer and filmmaker but has also started his own musical project Seyi Stories which performs at Glensheen's Music on the Pier the same evening as this interview.

Cristian Ibarra Santillan/Flickr

Phil Fitzpatrick and John Herold wanted people educated - and fired up to take action - about climate change.

They took an unconventional approach: engender action through ... poetry.

The folks concerned about rezoning a chunk of land off Vassar Street in the Woodland neighborhood aren't opposed to more housing going up;  they just aren't sure right above the Amity Creek watershed is the right place for it.

Bob King

The forest fire smoke from Canada that has enveloped our region with haze in the last several days has made for colorful sunrises and sunsets (and reddish moonlight as well), but it has also limited the ability to stargaze. Bob King remarked that, the other night (which was cloudless but hazy), he could only count six stars in the night sky.  

Woman and man holding guitars standing in front of a wall of CDs in a radio studio
Christine Dean for KUMD

Rich Mattson and the Northstars released their latest album, Skylights, back in February. In addition to working on his own album, Mattson also found a way to produce other bands safely during the pandemic at his Sparta Sound Studio. We talked about the album and  Mattson and Gemberling played some tunes from it when they joined us for a session on July 16, 2021 before playing a show with the whole band at Earth Rider Brewery that evening.

Rich Mattson and the Northstars on Facebook

Kirsten Aune

Kirsten Aune Textiles will host a fashion show on Saturday, July 17th, featuring apparel made from Aune's hand-printed fabrics, paired with shoes crafted by Candace Lacrosse of Hemlocks Leatherworks and earrings crafted by Hattie Peterson of Tumbled Hearts Design.


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Drawing of a student in a KUMD t-shirt wearing a mask and headphones with a background of microphone wallpaper
Image by Toni Vono

Students-Get Involved with KUMD

Want to know more about getting involved in your campus radio station? KUMD has opportunities for on-air DJs (we'll train you!) and internships.

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KUMD Events

The Bayfront Reggae and World Music Festival is back in Duluth with a lineup that includes Third World, Anthony B, Mr. Killa, Kranium, International Reggae All-Stars, Dynamq. and more July 17 at Bayfront.

The New Standards
The New Standards

Twin Cities trio the New Standards features seasoned musicians Chan Poling (The Suburbs), John Munson (Trip Shakespeare, Semisonic) and Steve Roehm (Billy Goat) For 15 years the trio has been putting a jazz twist on popular tunes spanning the decades. Their annual Christmas shows have become legendary; with COVID-19 making a 2020 live show impossible, the trio instead released The New Standards Holiday Show Album, featuring a mix of classics and originals. Vibraphone player Roehm joined us virtually to talk about the album and share some tunes.

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KUMD is pleased to announce the release of Live from Studio A Volume 1 , a collection of 16 tracks recorded in our studios over the past several years.

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