Duluth Art Institute

Where's Art? with Annie Dugan: DeFUSE

Tia Keobounpheng's exhibit DeFUSE at the Duluth Art Institute takes on the past - the traumatic past - and wonders if, having experienced trauma, there is a way for folks to diffuse (or de-fuse) the resulting emotions and behavior.

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Ian Alexy

6/9 Live from Studio A: Ian Alexy

The latest solo album from Ian Alexy (who also performs with his brother Teague in Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank) features his Minneapolis-based backing band, The Deserters. The title, Troubadour 21st Century, is a rootsy rock homage to the life of a modern musician. Many of the cuts on the album were released as singles during the pandemic, including "Making it Shine," which was also the title of a video series Alexy worked on during quarantine. He took the opportunity to go through 12 years...

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MN Reads: "Rabbit and Otter Go Ricing" by Liz Granholm, illustrated by Anna Granholm

Liz Granholm heard many stories about Rabbit and Otter's ricing trip when she was growing up. She took different lessons from each telling: the need to acknowledge the Great Spirit when taking something from the earth, put down tobacco as an offering to that spirit, and don't take more than you need. Once she dived deeper into the Ojibwe language after early teaching from her father and grandmother, she started thinking that young people needed to know these lessons, too. And then her daughter got in on the act.

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© Bob King. Used with permission.

Bob King is back from his flight in search of the annular eclipse, and not only did he get spectacular pictures, he's written a whole article about it.

Find out about the flight and the eclipse in his article, "Chasing the Sun at 39,000 Feet," in Sky & Telescope magazine.

Another viewing/photo opportunity is much closer to home and you don't even need any special gear.  Just head out to an unobstructed view of the northern horizon about 10pm and look up into the mesosphere (about 50 miles up) and you may see the pale blue of noctilucent clouds.

Minnesota Music Reviews: Superior Siren

Jun 10, 2021
Superior Siren
Superior Siren

Superior Siren EP is a quiet, haunting look at love

By Mark Nicklawske

Superior Siren - the eerie folk project created by Duluth-based artist Laura Sellner - found success in 2018 recording a self-titled debut album in a collaborative setting that evolved into a tour-de-force band. While the group project produced remarkable results, at its core was Sellner’s introspective poetry and clarion-call voice.

Tony Bennett Interview on The Local

Jun 8, 2021
Tony Bennett

This week on The Local Malachy chatted with Tony Bennett about his new album Fun's Over. Bennett fulfilled a lifelong goal ahead of this album by learning to play the drums, and played every instrument on the album. Listen to find out what he thinks of his drumming skills and to hear three songs from the new album.

Billy Pasco/Unsplash

She took both of my hands in hers and looked straight into my eyes. I could see the strength and resolve of many hard years looking back at me.

“"Young man, Dr. Vainio. You have been so kind to me and I know you just want to help, but I have everything I need. I'’m going to a better place, so don'’t you worry about me."”

I had to leave the room at that point and went out to the top of the parking ramp. I looked out over the new day with the sun sparkling on the Puget Sound and the Olympic mountain range in the background. The birds were singing and the sky was a rare and brilliant blue.

How could something so terrible be happening on such a perfect day? Every time I tried to turn around and go back into the hospital, I started to cry. Not silently, but sobs that wracked me so hard I had to hold myself up by leaning against a concrete pillar. 

MN Historical Society

When the bodies of 215 children - some as young as three - were discovered in an unmarked, mass grave at the former Kamloops Indian Residential School it brought to light a part of history that many white people are unfamiliar with.

In the US as well as Canada, residential boarding schools for Native kids were instituted as a way to "kill the Indian and save the child" by preparing them to assimilate into white culture.  In reality, they were a thinly veiled effort to wipe out Native language, culture, family bonds, and "get the Indians out of the way."

©Lisa Johnson. All rights reserved.

Was it really only a week ago we broke records with temps of 30º and 29º?

And today we're challenging the record high temp of 95º?

Forever Home 6/3

Jun 3, 2021

Animal Allies Humane Society is temporarily closed to visitors. Interested adopters are encouraged to make an appointment to visit the pet of their interest if they would like to adopt.


Hello potential loving home! My name is Marigold and I am a 11 pound, grey and white calico, Domestic Shorthair who is about 4 years old. I found myself at Animal Allies after my previous home could no longer care for me and I'm now looking for a new, loving home to call my own! I am a very sweet and loving girl who loves attention. I really enjoy playing with toys and being a social butterfly. I did great with the dogs that I used to live with!

Young man standing in front of a wall of CDs with KUMD spelled out in letters on top of the CD shelf
Christine Dean for KUMD

This Cloquet native was on tour in Europe with his band The Social Animals when the pandemic shut everything down. Now based in Nashville, Clark has had the opportunity to work on new material with the band in the past year, and is preparing for a solo tour that kicks off in Minneapolis on June 4; he'll perform in Duluth on Saturday, June 5 (listen to find out where!).


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Drawing of a student in a KUMD t-shirt wearing a mask and headphones with a background of microphone wallpaper
Image by Toni Vono

Students-Get Involved with KUMD

Want to know more about getting involved in your campus radio station? KUMD has opportunities for on-air DJs (we'll train you!) and internships.

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KUMD Events

KUMD is proudly sponsoring the Duluth Dylan fest 2021. Check out all of the virtual and in-person events happening in this jam packed, exciting week! 


*Tour of Bob Dylan Sites in Duluth Armory Arts & Music Center Annex 9:00 AM | Free Highway 61 Revisited Radio Show KUMD 103.3 FM 5:00-6:00 PM | Free *Bob Dylan Revue Livestream Concert from Sacred Heart 7:00-8:30 PM | Free 


Homegrown 2021
Homegrown 2021

The 2021 Homegrown Music Festival is moving online, May 2 - May 9, 2021. Homegrown is accepting submissions to be a part of the festival until March 26 available at https://duluthhomegrown.org/application/

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KUMD Live from Studio A Volume 1

KUMD is pleased to announce the release of Live from Studio A Volume 1 , a collection of 16 tracks recorded in our studios over the past several years.

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