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6/11 Radio Gallery: Carla Hamilton


Carla Hamilton joins Radio Gallery to talk about her new exhibit "Durch Wasser Rennen" opening at Washington Gallery, with a reception this Friday, .June 13th 6-9pm.


6/11 Radio Gallery: Carla Hamilton

Carla Hamilton is showing her work in a new exhibit this month at Washington Gallery in Duluth. Hamilton talks about her collage, multi-media work, and how this long winter helped her get a show together on short notice. Her previous work has consisted of discarded items collaged and repurposed to give them a new meaning. Hamilton's recent work includes some very vibrant paintings on quite heavy subjects. She hopes her work offers a new perspective and an alternate understanding of what art can be. Her new show "Durch Wasser Rennen" celebrates with an opening on 6/13 and is open to the public throughout the of the month on Saturdays and Sundays from 1-5pm at Washington Gallery, located at 315 North Lake Avenue in Duluth.

Durch Wasser Rennen Opening Reception

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