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Radio Gallery: Chance

Kathy McTavish

If you have not experienced Chance, you might want to take a trip or two or three to the UMD Tweed Museum of Art.  Local composer and media artist Kathy McTavish has created a thought-provoking, experiential installation at the UMD Tweed Museum's Sax Brothers' Gallery. Chance is a self creating, coded, digital and audio installation, ever-changing through the hours of the day and the seasons of the year. To get the full affect of the work, you can visit multiple times as no two days of the exhibit are the same and it is on display for an entire year.

One of her largest projects to date, McTavish coded this project to combine the senses in a sensory experience that is choreographed by machines.  The exhibit includes over 30 computer monitors, projected images and transforming soundscapes. An immersive experience, the Chance exhibit includes benches to sit to take in the work, to write, draw or read, as well as yoga mats if you want to take a more Zen approach to the work.

Kathy McTavish joins us on Radio Gallery to share more about her inspiration for the show.

Kathy McTavish

Tweed Exhibit: Chance

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