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KUMD "brings you back to steady"

©John Heino


Some things you can count on
The frayed shoe string
Will break on the morning
You are already late

The cup with the slight
Crack will shatter to pieces
When its full of morning coffee

The oatmeal will boil over
On the just-cleaned stove top

You’ll run out of dental floss
When the dark raspberry seeds
Are lodged in a most unsightly manner
Between your lovely front teeth

But you’ll turn on KUMD
And tune in to the sound of Lisa’s voice
Which always brings you back to steady

You can count on it
Back to the weather which is always
With us and the local events

An old ballad and a new love song
She’ll share that hometown hunch

That everything’s gonna be OK
For one more crazy amazing day

Gary J Boelhower

Gary J Boelhower

Duluth Poet Laureate


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