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Journey to Wellness // Monday 8:00amA 10-minute bi-weekly program on Native American Community Health in MN and around the country in partnership with the University of Minnesota Medical School- Duluth Campus, Center of American Indian and Minority Health. The program will feature interviews with medical and health researchers, professors and doctors plus native people active in Native American health today. Journey to Wellness on KUMD is made possible by Ampers and the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Journey to Wellness: "It isn't all about trauma" - the beauty of diverse viewpoints shaping change


Karen Diver knows there's a certain amount of backstory  non-Native people need to understand where tribal communities are now and how they got there.  And that a lot of that backstory is grim.

But it's not the whole story.  And she's excited about using traditional knowledge  and formerly thriving Native communities to bring solutions to modern-day problems like climate change.

Diver says higher education is a huge part of wellness, and in her new role as the University of Minnesota's first Senior Advisor to the President for Native American Affairs, she's already compiled a lengthy list of areas and ways the University can partner with tribal communities for the benefit of all.

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