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This bi-weekly feature on KUMD's Northland Morning celebrates the other languages that make up the rich cultural landscape of our Northland through the medium that communicates it best: poetry. We'll invite guests to share a poem in their native language, and find out what it is about the poem or the poet that speaks to them. Explore different cultures through the nuance of their native languages - but get a little help in the form of an English translation along the way!(poetry) on KUMD is made possible by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Shairi (poetry): "Mit jaye gunahon ka tasawwur" by Sir Muhammad Iqbal

Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi

UMD student Hooriya Habib is at home with her family in Qatar, but she's getting ready to return to Duluth at the end of August.

Hooriya speaks English and Arabic as well as Urdu, a language she says draws from other Arabic languages and that's called the lingua franca of Pakistan.

She chose to share a poem by Sir Muhammed Iqbal, sometimes called "the spiritual father of Pakistan," that she finds uplifting, even as she confesses, "I'm not a really good Muslim."


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