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MN Reads: "Envisioning Evil: 'The Nazi Drawings' by Mauricio Lasansky" by Rachel McGarry


“I was full of hate, poison, and I wanted to spit it out.” ~ Mauricio Lasansky

It took almost 15 years after the end of World War II for the world to become aware of the depth and breadth of what the Nazis attempted - and the lengths they went to trying to commit genocide.

When the first-ever televised trial - of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann - was broadcast to the world (during Americans' dinner hour), internationally famous artist Mauricio Lasansky watched with horror as the details unfolded.

Then he did what artists do: he translated his shock and pain into art.

Charles Walbridge/Photo: Minneapolis Institute of
No. 24, from "The Nazi Drawings" by Mauricio Lasansky

Envisioning Evil: ‘The Nazi Drawings’ by Mauricio Lasansky by Rachel McGarry is published by the University of Minnesota Press.

The accompanying show at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Envisioning Evil: ‘The Nazi Drawings’ by Mauricio Lasansky will be on display through the end of June next year. It's free and open to the public.

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