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University of Minnesota/Cooking for Wellness

The University of Minnesota has been offering cooking classes for staff and faculty for several years now, but the combination of the pandemic (and mastery of teaching online) and an increasingly diverse workforce got Robin Schrow thinking.

Duluth Art Institute/Blair Treuer

We perhaps spend more time staring at screens than we did last year at this time, but there's more to enjoy than just work and school stuff.

Chances are the two or three wolves who wandered over the ice from Minnesota or Canada to Isle Royale 60-some years ago were just looking for something to eat.

It's not likely they knew they and the moose that would make up their primary diet would become the subjects of decades of research.  And chances are they didn't realize that by becoming the lone predator on an island with essentially one prey species, they were creating the perfect "laboratory."

House of Representatives Media

Minnesota Representative Mary Kunesh-Podein is about to step into her new job as the first Native woman to be elected to the state Senate.

While Indigenous children in Minnesota learn plenty of English language, most don't have a lot of chances to learn the languages of the people who were here first.

Brian Yazzie

Brian Yazzie didn't find himself in any of the texts in culinary school.

The Diné chef and food justice activist from the Navajo Nation in Arizona says he found no representation of indigenous foods in the classroom.

But when he did a little digging, he discovered that half of the ingredients in recipes all over the world - the world, mind you - are indigenous ingredients from the Americas.

Mike Shaw Photography

Prepare to be star-struck this week.

Begin with a week of activities courtesy the Bell Museum's Statewide Star Party starting tonight.  (Click the link for the full rundown of programs)

Cristian Newman/Unsplash

  Money was short and you ran out of heating fuel in the middle of winter. I expect those were some bad days. You didn’t tell me about that until after it was passed. A desperate someone looking for something to sell kicked your door in when you weren’t home and made your crumbling house lose some of that precious heat. Visiting your mother in the nursing home must have been warm. Your old television couldn’t have brought much money.  Your car got repossessed.

Debbie Sheridan Casting

Screenwriter and director John Montague loves two things: hockey and filmmaking.

So it's not really a stretch that the Minnesota native would be looking for extras - and some small speaking parts - in the movie he'll be shooting up here over the next four weeks or so.

Way of the Warriors takes place in Eveleth and on the Iron Range, and it pits the fictional Eveleth Warriors against Hermantown (!), facing off in the state high school hockey championships.

Mindy Greiling thought she knew quite a bit about mental illness.

After all, she'd minored in psychology both as an undergrad and in grad school.

But that was before the voices in her then-21 year old son's head told him he needed to kill her.

The longtime member of Minnesota's House of Representatives founded and chaired the Mental Health Caucus, a bipartisan committee formed from the Minnesota House and the Minnesota Senate, and after her retirement from the legislature in 2012, continues to advocate for mental health parity and Medicare for all.

Fans of Svengoolie (in the Twin Ports on Saturday nights) will be thrilled to know that we're contributing our own unique brand of horror to the canon with the debut of Uncle Clutch’s Video Horror Shop. 

A common trope in fiction pits siblings against one another in some form; maybe they're vying for the attention of a parent, maybe they're both in a similar job and struggling for success or control of a company ...

But alas, the story of Lin Enger and his brother, novelist Leif Enger, is nowhere near that dramatic.

Lisa Johnson

Do the leaves remember those from last year?
In the heat of summer, the bright green shimmers of forever.
Then the fall.
The bitter cold.
They show their true colors,
these elders.
They remind us of the passage into the next life.
The commonest of them persist
And they speak to me
They tell me I am one of them.

Bea Ojakangas' mother always said you could never go wrong ordering soup.