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Beargrease 2017: There's no such thing as the "cutest puppy." That being said ...

©Pupparazzi-Companion Animal Photography

"Cutest puppy" is redundant.

There is no such thing as a not-cute puppy.

And in this reporter's humble opinion (and that of their families), every puppy is the cutest puppy.

That being said, almost 40 puppies, aged 4 to 9 months; their families, friends and scores of puppy-enthusiasts crammed the halls of Fitger's Saturday morning for the annual John Beargrease Cutest Puppy Contest.

Onyx the Akita took first place, and Ash, a Miniature Australian Shepherd, took second.

But we all know there's no such thing as a "cutest puppy," right?   ALL puppies are the cutest.

For a look at ALL the cute puppies, check out this photo album on KUMD's Facebook page:

Credit ©Pupparazzi-Companion Animal Photography
Ash, the Miniature Australian Shepherd