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"He put his headphones back on and said, 'Are you ok talking about it?'"

©David Cowardin. Used with permission.

Here's what you might expect at the International Fly Fishing Film Festival tonight:

"Five or six bro-dudes, showing how they got to the river, drinking beer, and at the end they're holding these giant fish up."

Here's what you wouldn't expect:  the story of a racist, trouble-making small town kid and how, through his willingness to "go down the wormhole" of questioning his beliefs, came out on the other side as a new man.

Doors open tonight at Zeitgeist at 6:00pm for the  International Fly Fishing Film Festival.

Here's https://vimeo.com/306244243" target="_blank">the trailer for Dave Cowardin's Bigotry to Brook Trout.

Credit ©David Cowardin. Used with permission.
Geoff Vukelich in "Bigotry to Brook Trout"

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