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After a little break (of 25 years or so) Bob King is celebrating his retirement with a return to KUMD's airwaves!After almost 40 years with the Duluth News Tribune, Bob is now retired. But scratch a print guy and you'll find a radio guy; King and then-UMD Planetarium Director Glen Langhorst hosted Startalk on KUMD for several years in the early '90s.Listen for Astro Bob every other Tuesday at 8am on Northland Morning.

Astro Bob's Backyard Astronomy: moon launch, moon photos, Thunder Moon and a moonshot app


Where were you 50 years ago today?

If you're Bob King, you were combining your passions for astronomy and photography by taking pictures of the black-and-white television coverage of the Apollo 11 launch.

Everything you need to know about the 50th anniversary and more  in this conversation from this morning - and the links below!

Related links:

Want to watch the launch of Apollo 11 again?  Here's the link to CBS New's special coverage and here is one to an article with more options for watching.

What are your Apollo 11 memories?  Read and share some on this NASA site.

Finally, if you want to experience the Apollo 11 mission in "augmented reality," you can check out the JFK Moonshot ap, immersing "users into 1969 with a full-scale recreation of the Saturn V rocket and a 5-day real-time tracking simulation of the mission and moon landing."

We've got a full moon to celebrate all things lunar this week.  If you're interested in trying out Bob's suggestions for photographing the moon, here's when to find moonrise.  You've got about 15 minutes after the moon appears for your best chance at a good photograph.

One of the traditional nicknames for the full moon in July is the Thunder Moon ... you can learn more in this post from Astro Bob's blog.

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