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Green Visions: former "environmental nuisance" doesn't want to be a role model

Rob Greenfield grew up in Ashland, but these days, he calls Orlando home.  Perhaps that's just as well, given his latest challenge: living a year exclusively on food he either grew or foraged.

But he doesn't kid himself that people are going to follow his lead.  Instead, he hopes his adventures in environmental activism spark conversation - and maybe tiny steps in the right direction.

The former (and self-described) "drunk guy and environmental nuisance" says he "woke up" a few years out of college and started thinking about how, despite his love of nature, all his actions "caused destruction to the world."

So for a month, he consumed like the average American and wore all the trash he generated.  Then there was the Food Waste Fiasco, where he dove into more than two thousand dumpsters across the US to bring attention to the 1 in 7 people who are food-insecure in this country, while nearly half of all food is wasted.

And now, he's ten months into a project he calls Food Freedom.

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