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Astro Bob's Backyard Astronomy: shaking the beach towel of the galaxy

J. Skowron / OGLE / Astronomical Observatory, University of Warsaw

Betelgeuse will show up tonight, and unlike the similarly-named poltergeist, you don't even have to say its name three times.

AstroBob will have some helpful tips for red-giant-spotting on his blog, and you can read about scientists' concerns that "Betelgeuse is acting strange" here.

The Milky Way is bent out of shape, apparently: you can read an article about it here and take a look at the actual findings here.

Meanwhile, the first meteor shower of the year is conveniently timed for 3:00am Saturday morning, January 4.

You can read more about the quantrantid meteor shower here, and learn about "demoted constellation" Quandrans Muralis here.

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