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Tips for Hardy Gardeners: head to your backyard, Northlanders

KaLisa Veer/Unsplash

Whether it's bird watching, phenology or planning a garden, the backyard is the place to be these days.

As soon as things dry out a little more, Tom Kasper says we can get started on raking the gravel off the lawn, pruning animal-damaged trees and shrubs, and sussing out the perfect spot for your new vegetable garden.

The University of Minnesota Extension has a lot of useful information about planning your first vegetable garden.

And while nothing specific came up in response to the Google search: what's the weirdest vegetable you can grow in Minnesota zone 4?, there is this cool outfit that's trying to find a home for imperfect fruits and veggies. According to them, a lot of this food that just looks bumped around goes to waste.

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