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Backyard Almanac
Phenology with local naturalist Larry Weber every Friday morning at 8:20 on Northland Morning. Have a question for Larry Weber? Email us and you might hear his answer on the show!

Backyard Almanac: Finally, a little rain as "Awesome August" draws to a close.

A spider web in the branches of a tree, highlighted by dewdrops.
Michael Farmer (used with permission)

This morning, Larry talks to us from outdoors… in the rain! Finally, a little rain comes long at the end of August, a month that will go down on record as warmer than normal in a summer that may be the warmest on record. The lack of moisture has made it hard to see dew on spider webs, but this week Larry was finally able to spot a few. Leaves on some trees (e.g. aspens) are starting to turn earlier than usual and, though one can't be certain, Larry suspects it may be due to the dry summer. The dry environment has had a very noticeable impact on mushrooms, which are scarce.

The sunsets are now earlier than 8 pm and the autumnal equinox is a month away. The fall bird migration is getting underway, and Hawk Ridge reported many raptors passing by, about half of which were broad-winged hawks.