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Backyard Almanac
Phenology with local naturalist Larry Weber every Friday morning at 8:20 on Northland Morning. Have a question for Larry Weber? Email us and you might hear his answer on the show!

Backyard Almanac: October: Outstanding or Obstreperous?

JR Kelsey
An Eastern phoebe thoughtfully held this giant waterbug so photographer JR Kelsey could get a shot of it

Larry says Mother Nature never repeats herself. Remembering October of 2020, let's hope not.

Looking back, September of 2021 got over 80° twice, didn't get as cold as Larry might have preferred but did actually achieve above-normal precipitation.

Looking back a little further though, October of 2020 set an 80° record October 9 and followed it up with 12" of snow a little later in the month, and it garnered "fifth coldest October on record" honors, too.

This video was taken October 20 of last year:


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