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Virtual Homegrown 2020, Day 3

Man standing outside playing an acoustic guitar
Rich Mattson performs outside his home in Sparta

What would have been Canal Park night for Duluth's Homegrown Music Festival was a low-key affair online, with just a couple of livestreams and an online version of the Homegrown Music Video Showcase.

Man playing a guitar and singing
Actual Wolf performs his Duluth Coffee set from home

Actual Wolf kicked off the morning with a livestream from his kitchen for the Duluth Coffee Instagram. His cat and toddler made guest appearances as he paid tribute to several fellow local musicians, starting with a cover of Low's "Hatchet." The set also included a throwback to his legendary former jam band The Dukes of Hubbard, which also included familiar local players including Jimi Cooper, Tim Saxhaug, and Russ Sackett. It was a nice way to start the day, with the same chill vibe as the in-person morning shows he's done with special guests at Duluth Coffee Company for the past few Homegrowns.

Rich Mattson, whose Sparta Sound Studio has been idled like so many businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, has been posting daily videos of himself performing covers on his YouTube channel. He'd been scheduled to play the same night with his band the North Stars at Grandma's Sports Garden; in honor of Homegrown, he covered some of his favorite local artists, starting with a version of Low's "Immune."

In the evening Perfect Duluth Day hosted a virtual version of the annual Music Video Showcase, unveiling 8 new videos at 7pm, right on schedule. Highlights include Dave Mehling's fun, literal interpretation of Dance Attic's "Living with a Bear," the meeting of two local creative masterminds as Brian Barber created a spacey video for a Tim Kaiser piece, and the discovery that there's apparently a local band named Smarter Than Yeast. Who knew?

Man playing guitar and singing into a microphone with a prize wheel behind him
Gabriel Douglas performs from his basement

Gabriel Douglas was scheduled to play a solo trolley show this week and a Friday slot with his band Silverback Colony. He used his regular Tuesday livestream on Facebook as a Homegrown-themed set, complete with a wheel of requests fueled by tips. "It's Homegrown week, I'm still in my basement," said Douglas. "We've all had enough by now," he said as an intro to the song "Enough," "We want to take our kickball, and go home and then go back to the field and play with everyone."

Around 10pm the latest Homegrown Mix Tape was unveiled, compiled by longtime Homegrown board member Margie Nelson and chock full of local music goodness.

Here's what's happening today:

Teague Alexy performs on Duluth Coffee's Instagram at noon.

Tune into KUMD at 103.3m for a Virtual Live from Studio A with Black River Revue at 2pm.

Dance Attic has a Facebook Homegrown set at 5pm.

Tonight at 7 Charlie Parr will do another live show from Duluth Cider. While it's not officially a Homegrown set, we suspect this is where most of us will end the evening; his last Duluth Cider livestream attracted something like 50,000 people.

Tomorrow morning at 9 it's the daily edition of Tea with Teague Alexy and Actual Wolf has another Duluth Coffee Instagram set.

Homegrown Coverage on KUMD is made possible by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

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