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Backyard Almanac
Phenology with local naturalist Larry Weber every Friday morning at 8:20 on Northland Morning. Have a question for Larry Weber? Email us and you might hear his answer on the show!

Backyard Almanac

sparky collage.png
(top row, l-r) Common Nighthawk, American Avocet pair at North Ottawa Impoundment, Snow Geese & moon at North Ottawa (middle row, l-r) Snow Goose flock at North Ottawa Impounment, Banded Longhorn Flower Beetle, Kalm's Lobelia (bottom row, l-r) Butterwort, Bobolink, Jagged Ambush Bug
Sparky Stensaas

It's quiet ... too quiet

It's quiet out there ... too quiet.

And you might be right to be cautious. Special guest host Sparky Stensaas describes a month with ambush bugs, assassin bugs, and carnivorous plants lurking around the most innocuous corners.

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