• Mondays 11-1 and Fridays 9-11

    Major: Management Information Systems
    3 Favorite Artists: My Morning Jacket, Wilco, Led Zeppelin
    5 Favorite Albums: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot ...

  • Basement DJ

    Time Slot: Tuesdays 11-1am

    Major: Bachelor of Arts

    Listens to: Anything creative, interesting, and/or well crafted


  • Basement DJ

    Time Slot: Monday 9-11pm

    Majors: Communication and Linguistics

    Listens to: Funk, Indie Rock, Jazz. Soul, Rap, Hip-Hop, Indie Pop, K-Pop

  • Basement DJ

    Time Slot: Sundays 9-11pm

    Major: Digital Arts and Photography

    3 Favorite Artists: Pitbull, Pitbull, and Pitbull


  • Basement DJ

    Monday 9-11PM

    Major: Communications Minor: Arts in Media

    Listens to: surf rock, hip-hop, indie, blue-grass,...

  • Time Slot: Thursday 1am-3am 
    Major: Anthropology and History
    Listens to: Folk, classic rock, R&B, alternative stuff
    Fav. Bands/Albums: Ziggy Stardust and the...