Lisa Johnson

Morning Announcer

Lisa Johnson started her broadcast career anchoring the television news at her high school and spinning country music at KWWK/KOLM Radio in Rochester, Minnesota. She was a reporter and news anchor at KTHI in Fargo, ND (not to mention the host of a children's program called "Lisa's Lane") and a radio reporter and anchor in Moorhead, Bismarck, Wahpeton and Fergus Falls.

Since 1991, she has hosted Northland Morning on KUMD. One of the best parts of her job includes "paying it forward" by mentoring upcoming journalists and broadcasters on the student news team that helps produce Northland Morning.  She also loves introducing the different people she meets in her job to one another, helping to forge new "community connections" and partnerships.

Lisa has amassed a book collection weighing over two tons, and she enjoys reading, photography, volunteering with Animal Allies Humane Society and fantasizing about farmland.  She goes to bed at 8pm, long before her daughter, two cats, or three dogs.

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The Electoral College was never intended to be the “perfect” system for picking the president, says George Edwards III, emeritus political science professor at Texas A&M University.  “It wasn’t like the Founders said, ‘Hey, what a great idea! This is the preferred way to select the chief executive, period,’” says Edwards. “They were tired, impatient, frustrated. They cobbled together this plan because they couldn’t agree on anything else.”

- The History Channel

Fans of Svengoolie (in the Twin Ports on Saturday nights) will be thrilled to know that we're contributing our own unique brand of horror to the canon with the debut of Uncle Clutch’s Video Horror Shop. 

MN Association for Environmental Education

Here's something that will appeal to phenology fans, even though it's a first-time occurence:  Larry Weber is getting a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Minnesota Association for Environmental Education, "for his outstanding service and contribution to the field of environmental education in Minnesota."

More information about Larry, his award, and how you can congratulate him at the virtual ceremony, Sunday, November 8 from 2:0pm to 4:00pm, is available here.

Rock the Native Vote 2020/Facebook

Louisa Posada knows voter suppression efforts are going on right here in Minnesota.

Moving ballot boxes and polling places.  She knows of an instance where flares were put into a box to incinerate all the votes inside.

But despite a long history of disenfranchisement, (Native Americans didn't become legal citizens until 1924 and weren't eligible to vote in every state until 1962), there is a growing pushback: to get organized, to move as one group, and to learn about political processes and elections. "It's like reading the owner's manual," says Posada.

A common trope in fiction pits siblings against one another in some form; maybe they're vying for the attention of a parent, maybe they're both in a similar job and struggling for success or control of a company ...

But alas, the story of Lin Enger and his brother, novelist Leif Enger, is nowhere near that dramatic.

Sometimes it seems like all polling does - like exit polls during an election - is give TV news people something to talk about before they actually have something to talk about.

If you mention "natural gas" to Melissa Partin, she's likely as not to correct you.

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Eat a banana.

Chop up the peel into smallish pieces.

Put the pieces in some warm water and let them sit for a couple of hours.

Congratulations!  You've just made an organic fertilizer for your house plants that Tom Kasper says they'll almost immediately find ... a-peel-ing.

Lisa Johnson

Do the leaves remember those from last year?In the heat of summer, the bright green shimmers of forever.Then the fall.The bitter cold.They show their true colors, these elders.They remind us of the passage into the next life.The commonest of them persistAnd they speak to me.They tell me I am one of them.

Two weeks ago it was 80°.

A week ago, there was no snow.

Last Friday, Larry Weber was heralding the beginning of Aut-Win.

Eight days of aut-win?  Is this the shortest aut-win EVER?

Bea Ojakangas' mother always said you could never go wrong ordering soup.

Michigan Sea Grant/Great Lakes Phragmites Collaborative


You say "frag-MITE-eez," not "FRAG-mites."

But the most important thing to know about phragmites is that it's an invasive, non-native species, not to be confused with native phragmites.

The invasives came to America originally from central and eastern Europe, and they've been marching steadily - if slowly - across the continent from New England.

Now the Community Action Duluth Stream Corps, headed by Brandon Van Tassel, is tasked with getting rid of the plants, which are a perfect topic of conversation this close to Halloween.

NASA/Bob King

You might have to add your own sound effects, but tonight, the OSIRIS-REx will take a crack at obtaining a sample of at least 60 grams from the asteroid Bennu.

  And it has only 16 seconds in which to do it.

  Astro Bob writes:

The Lake Superior Harvest Festival was just another in the long line of anticipated - but cancelled - events this year.

But the Lake Superior Sustainable Farming Association, which hosts the event, hasn't been moping.