4/16 Radio Gallery: Kenneth Marunowski

Duluth artist Ken Marunowski joins Radio Gallery to talk about his latest work "The Brewhouse Drawings" on display for the month of April at Beaner's Central Coffee and Concert House in West Duluth.

4/16 Radio Gallery: Kenneth Marunowski

Marunowski is known for live painting, at the scene work but his subjects usually sit still. Past shows have included iconic Duluth landscapes like the lift bridge, the Tall Ships, the lake and the hillside. This new show shows a new direction, with live action, wily musicians moving, stomping, jamming and singing, all captured in the strokes of a pencil, and developed into spectacular visions of music in paint.
The Brewhouse Drawings" are on display through April and online at the links below. Listen to hear more about Marunowski's new work.

The Brewhouse Drawings

Beaner's One Week Live CD Release Party

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