4/19 Live From Studio A: Siama Matuzungidi

Apr 16, 2019

Credit KUMD

This Minneapolis-based guitarist and singer/songwriter is originally from the Congo, but has lived in various places around the world. He got his start playing soukous, a popular Congolese style of dance music, and has branched out to encompass Central African blues, rhythmic folk music, and more, featuring his intricate acoustic guitar playing and spirited singing and incorporating traditional African instruments like mbira (thumb piano) and balafon (marimba). Matuzungidi has released several albums, including a recent one for children, and regularly teaches music workshops. He'll join us in the studio on Friday, April 19 at 2pm to give us a preview of his show the same night at Sacred Hearth Music Center in Duluth.

Siama Matuzungidi
Sacred Heart Music Center

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