48 Hour Film Project: winning one for the old gaffer

Jul 3, 2019

UMD's Cheryl Reitan is the Associate Director of Marketing. But beginning July 19 (when she's in "crazy director" mode) she'll be heading up Film Team Monster Wave

First you assemble your team: actors, directors, costumers, makeup artists, lighting technicians, sound technicians, gaffers, grips and best boys.

Then, July 19, you show up and pick your genre.

Even if no one actually fires a starter's pistol, at some point the clock will start and your team will leap into action.  It's Duluth's first-ever 48 Hour Film Project, brought to you by the Arrowhead Filmmakers Co-op: and now you have 48 hours to write, scout locations, castshootscoreedit a short film.