5/24 Live from Studio A: Brasszilla

May 20, 2019

Bob DeBoer and Hal Longley of Brasszilla
Credit Christine Dean for KUMD

This quartet formed when three members of the brass section of Twin Cities rock band Chooglin' broke off to start their own project, later adding drums to create a sound they call "hip shakin' beer jazz." They recently put out a second release, the EP All Day Music, recorded with Rich Mattson at Sparta Sound. 3/4 of the band, trumpeter Bob DeBoer, trombonist Zach Zins, and sousaphone player Hal Longley joined us in the studio on May 24, 2019 for a preview of their EP release show the same night at Beaner's Central.

Beaner's Central

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Zach Zins, Hal Longley, and Bob DeBoer of Brasszilla