Astro Bob: "nothing I can say - penumbral eclipse of the moon" (with apologies to Bonnie Tyler)

Nov 17, 2020

A meteor from the Leonid meteor shower, captured in the wee hours of this morning by Bob King
Credit Copyright Bob King. Used with permission.

The early hours of this morning (November 17) found Bob King reclining in his lawn chair in the driveway.  "Dressed in everything I own" to brave temperatures in the 20s, the intrepid host of Astro Bob's Backyard Astronomy was ready to enjoy the peak night of the Leonid Meteor Shower.

Lest you be too quick to pack away your lawn chair, it's worth noting the Geminid meteor shower next month, the "Great Conjunction" of Jupiter and Saturn December 21, not to mention the penumbral eclipse of the moon November 30.