Astro Bob's Backyard Astronomy: the best things you can't see this week - and stuff that explodes

Jul 2, 2019

A simulation of what the eclipse might look like today under a clear sky from ESO's observatory in Chile.
Credit M. Druckmüller / P. Aniol / K. Delcourte / P. Horálek / L. Calçada / ESO

Chances are you'll miss today's total eclipse of the sun unless you're in Argentina, but even if you can't see it in person, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the experience, virtually.

Plus lots of things you can see, 

like a gorgeous crescent moon, a star that will blow up soon (if it hasn't already) -- and speaking of explosions, the same chemicals that make fireworks blow up originated in exploding stars!

A closeup of the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse image
Credit Rick Klawitter

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