Astro Bob's Backyard Astronomy: "My kingdom for a colander!" and other ways of safe eclipse viewing

Jun 9, 2021

The sun appears in annular eclipse on Oct. 3, 2005. The black silhouette is the new moon.
Credit Abel Pardo Lopez

Tomorrow morning, it might be fun to get up around 4:15am, make yourself a cup of something nice and head down to Brighton Beach.

From there, you'll have a pretty good vantage point to watch the annular (or ring) eclipse of the sun by the moon, right at sunrise.

Bob King has all the information in his most recent blog post here, including a lot of important information about how to view the eclipse safely.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but you won't feel the damage to your eyes if you look unaided at the sun - but you will be so, so sorry you did.

Speaking of Bob King, where will HE be?  Flying right into the path of the event, as a matter of fact.  He was invited by Sky & Telescope magazine to be part of their 2021 Annual Eclipse Flight (with the likes of Jim Cantore, no less), and we'll see if he'll let us share some of the photos of his trip!!