Baby Boomers Becoming Homeless Boomers

Mar 22, 2016

"After 3 years on the street this couple finally has a home." - Deb Holman, Street Outreach Worker
Credit ©Deb Holman

$530 dollars a month bought a lot more in 1986.

If that number kept up with the cost of living, it would be closer to $1,400 in 2016 dollars.

But 30 years later, a family of three on MFIP (The Minnesota Family Investment Program - the state's welfare reform program for low-income families with children), is still getting the $530 per month.

Last week, advocates for people experiencing homelessness met in St. Paul for "Homeless Day on the Hill," and they hope they've convinced lawmakers to increase the MFIP cash assistance by $100 a month to families.  They also want a $130 million dollar investment in bonds for affordable housing - and housing with services - so they can get out in front of the wave of aging Baby Boomers finding themselves homeless.