Backyard Almanac: How did we not know "estivation" is a thing?!

Jul 10, 2020

Credit Tricia Galvin/Unsplash

As of yesterday, we've gotten twice the normal amount of rainfall we usually get in July.

That 2.83" is almost the same amount of rain as we got in April, May and June.

As our 90° temps cool into the low 80s, it's the perfect time to celebrate the 84th anniversary of 1936's "heat week;" the coolest temperature recorded that week (these were recorded by the lake, by the way) was 95° and the 106° on July 13 is the hottest temperature ever recorded in Duluth.

The vernal ponds got a little goose (metaphorically speaking), fungi is bustin' out all over, and you may have been estavating like crazy and didn't even know it.