Backyard Almanac: invasive plant used to combat anxiety and stress is CAUSING anxiety and stress

Jul 16, 2021

Valerian, Hartley Park, 7/15/21
Credit Lisa Johnson

As we slip into those lazy, hazy, crazy days of mid-summer, there's plenty to see whether we take a sidewalk stroll or hike in a wilderness area.

Watch for photographers: they've either got a bead on a beautiful plant, bird, animal or insect, or they're like naturalist (and our special guest host) Judy Gibbs and they're doing their part as citizen scientists and documenting the spread of invasive species in our area.

And while we know Duluth is a great place to live, why does valerian think so, too?

More information about reporting your sightings via EDDMapS (Early Detection and Distribution Mapping System) is available here.

Naturalist Judy Gibbs photographs invasive plants and reports them via EDDMapS
Credit Lisa Johnson

And if you're concerned about invasive species in our area, the Duluth CISMA (Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area) group has all kinds of ways you can help and get involved.  Find more information here.