Backyard Almanac with Larry Weber - "Pseudo-Spring"

Feb 19, 2016

Red-osier dogwood (Cornus sericea)
Credit born1945 [via Flickr (modified)]

  The unseasonably warm few days we've had are in stark contrast to last week's 4-day stretch with sub-zero temps reported.  Though it did not get below freezing last night in many places in the region, Larry Weber points out that we are still a month away from the vernal equinox.  Hence, he has coined the term "pseudo-spring" for this unusual turn of events.

As the days get longer, animals and plants are preparing for spring. The red-osier dogwoods [pictured] are starting to brightly exhibit their eponymous color, and the quaking aspens and pussy willows should be revealing their buds by the end of the month.  There are many animal tracks to see, and Larry notes the birds have been losing interest in his bird feeders.