Backyard Almanac: life is just a bolete of cherries - uh, dewberries

Jul 2, 2021

(left to right) Bolete mushroom, Canosia Wildlife Management Area; the underside of the mushroom, taken inexpertly by flipping the camera on a cell phone and shoving it under the mushroom; dewberries
Credit Mushroom and dewberries, JR Kelsey. Inexpert cell phone, Lisa Johnson

Last month blew through the previous record (set in 1910) for the hottest June on record - and that's 150 years of records.

We got only 40% of the rain we get in an average June, too.

But last year, July was our wettest month. And there are all kinds of things to see and enjoy (think wildflowers, berries and aphelion) in the great outdoors.