Backyard Almanac: A lot to see but, "Don't be in a hurry!"

May 24, 2019

Warbler eating bugs caught in a cobweb at Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve, Minnesota
Credit Lorie Shaull [via Flickr]

Naturalist Larry Weber reports the astonishing statistic that we've had more snow in May 2019 than either January 2019 or March 2019. 

With the cooler temperatures of late the leaves on many trees are not yet very big so, if you are patient, and not in a hurry, there are some wonderful things to see up in the trees.  Especially warblers; of the 26 varieties in our region, Larry has seen 13 so far.  Also wildflowers, shrubs, and frogs are emerging.  No monarch butterflies yet, but the rains have made the ferns quite abundant.