Backyard Almanac: "Is this mushroom edible?" Fuggeddabout it - they're just plain interesting!

Aug 7, 2020

This photo of a Rhodotus palmatus (Wrinkled Peach Mushroom) by Gale Oxley took 1st Place Pictorial in 2018
Credit Gale Oxley/Minnesota Mycological Society

Could it be?

We're halfway between the June solstice and the autumnal equinox?

Not only that, Hawk Ridge starts counting raptors next week!

Larry says mushrooms are fascinating on their own, so just look at them and don't worry about if they're edible. But if you do want to learn more about Minnesota mushrooms, check out the Minnesota Mycological Society's website.  It's chock-ful of photo galleries, books, articles, a schedule of Zoom meetings, recipes, resources and more.