Backyard Almanac: Nearing Record Snows, but Daylight Is Increasing

Feb 15, 2019

Hairy Woodpecker
Credit David A. Mitchell [via Flickr]

The average February snowfall total in the Northland is 6 inches.  Now just halfway through February 2019 we have already seen over 28 inches of snow accumulation.  

The record for February in the Northland is 35 inches, so with a little more snow in the next two weeks there is a chance we could break the record -- unless February reverts to type.

Yet glimpses of seasonal change are around us, says Larry Weber.  White-breasted nuthatches are calling - always a sign of longer days - and hairy woodpeckers are initiating their annual mating behaviors.  Now we are experiencing over 10 hours of daylight; many more hints of seasonal changes will soon appear.